Retay Pro Staff Program

Meet a professional hunter! Behind every Retay professional hunter photo, see stories, achievements, sponsors and events.
The professional hunters here also hope to see you and talk with you at upcoming events. 



All Retay Products offered at a special discount throughout the year. (It is forbidden to resell product that was acquired with the program discount).
• Assistance in promotional activities from the Retay Products Staff & Team Retay Members
• Free Retay stickers & decals upon request.
• VIP status for receiving special promotions & promotional items..


• Pro Staff will provide at least 20+ high resolution & professional photos
• Pro Staff will make at least 1 weekly posting on social media centered on RETAY USA when in season
• Pro Staff will tag @RetayUsa & @RetayArms in any relevant photos and use #Pullit #Retay #TeamRetay
• Pro Staff will maintain good moral character
• Pro Staff will uphold and protect the RETAY brand
• Provide hunting stories, successes, photos and tips by you for use on Retay website, social media, etc.
• Promote Retay Products whenever possible with friends, clients, & at shows.