Congratulations, you have been ACCEPTED into the RetayUSA; Field-Staff Program. 

Attached you will also find our exclusive Field-Staff Pricing Sheet. 

For purchase please email us at: prostaff@retayusa in the subject line please put: Field-Staff Purchase


a) Field-Staff Members are encouraged to share their status as “FIELD-STAFF” as well as photos and videos of themselves and others using RETAY products on social media platforms. However, program members agree to be DISCREET about the discounts they receive through participation in this program; they agree not to mention prices below the advertised MSRP.

b) Members who share any details of prices paid for products through this program on social media will have their accounts immediately terminated. The privilege to purchase from T.Ferney& Co. LLC / RETAY USA at a special price is for the approved user ONLY.


d) Membership in this program should be considered a privilege and never a right or entitlement; this is a partnership of mutual respect.


  1. Field-Staff are to post one picture a week (in season) and two picture a month (out of season) on all social media platforms available.
  2. Field-Staff will be assigned a Drop Box folder. Members are to add 5 pictures a month (October 2019 – January 2020). Members who fail to do so will have one warning, and then immediate suspension. Any member who is suspended, will not be accepted into the program again.
  3. Member are required to purchase their firearm within 60 days of being accepted into the programs. Members who fail to comply will be terminated immediately.



    a) Approved program members receive special pricing on certain firearms and accessories offered by RETAY USA. The suggested retail and the member's special price are noted next to each product. The discount rate may vary per product. We reserve the right to limit or discontinue product availability at any time.

    b) Member of our Field Staff program will also be able to purchase items from our industry partners at a discounted rate as well.
    ( Drake Waterfowl, Federal Ammo, Toxic Calls, and more to come) 


Retail orders always take priority. Product availability will be noted next to each item and is updated on a regular basis. Field Staff members are limited to purchasing a quantity of one of any product SKU within any 12-month period unless a special request is made and granted by RETAY USA. Approximate order turnaround is one to two weeks depending on the requested shipping method and product availability.


Unless requested otherwise, orders will be shipped via regular ground transportation at the user's expense.


All Field-Staff purchases must be paid for by Credit Card only. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Payment by debit card, check or money order will not be accepted.


Members will receive an order and shipping confirmation via e-mail and can check order status any time.


Ferney & Co. LLC / RETAY USA cannot accept returns or exchanges (no exceptions). Program members agree to double check their orders before submitting. Any product delivered with a mechanical defect may be exchanged in kind.


Accounts are valid for ONE year from the approval date. We have the right to suspend or terminate a member's account at any time if we believe the member is abusing the program or no longer employed in the industry. Members will be notified via e-mail regarding suspension/termination. Thomas Ferney & Co. / RETAY USA membership must be annually renewed. After 12 months you will need to reapply for your Field Staff account. Begin by submitting a new application. Any member who is suspended will never be able to be accepted into the program again.

This Agreement is made by and between RETAY USA and the Field Staff  member listed on the application form. The parties agree as follow above listed information.

Thank you and look forward to following along with your adventures this season!

Make sure to tag us using @retayusa @retayarms and use hashtags: #teamretay #pullit #retay







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